Save up to spend a few nights here

The Caribbean is sometimes thought of as a place where excellence does not exist. Well certainly in the Hospitality industry, some hotels have a reputation of offering sloppy service and not delivering value for money.

Enter Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada, wholly owned by Sir Royston Hopkin, KCMG to debunk the myth that excellence is hard to come by in the Caribbean. Visit the Press page to read more about the owner and the many accolades the hotel has won. They recently refreshed the resort and I got a tour. Have a look at my pictures on Flickr. You might have already noticed them on the right side of these posts.

If you read the Trip Advisor reviews, you will see what visitors have had to say about their stay there. And the location just cannot be beat. On the quieter side of Grand Anse Beach, it offers rooms right on the beach. 1, 2, 3 steps and you’re in the warm azure Caribbean ocean.

So give yourself (and your soul) a treat. Save up. It’ll be well worth it. And fret not about the cost. Do you put a price on your happiness?