#Gym Episode 9/02: I will survive #weighttraining

Day 1 done and dusted….

Full body workout with Damion Daniel. Quads, hamstring, chest, shoulder, biceps, lats, deltoids. Nope. I am not a novice. I know my muscles. I also know which of them have issues. A lot!!!!! Hopefully as they get stronger and I eat better, the niggles will disappear. Must look after my cervical spine too.

As I was struggling with finishing some of the reps while Damion was gently encouraging me (i.e. not the way Jillian Michaels does it), I asked myself, what is the value of hiring a trainer?

I got the answer when, after he switched up the order of some of the upper body exercises, mi…..couldn’t……repeat…..one…..which……I normally……breeze……through! And mind you, the weights were not heavy. There is also that accountability factor. Trusting me to motivate me clearly hasn’t worked out so well the older I have got.

I guess that’s why he looks like this….


…..and me like this :mrgreen:😁😂😯;)😮😦😨


I must say I kept up pretty well. He said he liked the effort.

Day 2 will be Friday. Enough time to recover before we do back to back sessions.

Now all I need is an ice bath, cause after all, I AM an athlete in training.

Miss Y’foot