Here’s why GoDaddy is behind Bluehost

So, per my previous post, I am transferring a domain name from GoDaddy to Bluehost. I am having difficulty, so I sign up for GoDaddy Chat. The Service Rep seems like she is tearing out her hair to figure out why I cannot get through with what I need to get through with. Β Then she makesΒ the cardinal error by exposing to the customer – me – weaknesses in her company’s systems.

Here is part of the convo….

ME: so clearly the info to retrieve log in details is going to an email address for which i no longer have access so will have to go and fill out the form

SHE: Actually no. It’s queuing. You will receive all of your info in about 2 hours. Right now all these emails are stuck on the server. Our team is working to get them out. I was just informed. Your email is correct. It’s going to the right place and you WILL receive it.

No need to fill out the form. I should have contacted them at first but I wanted to try everything I knew to try first. Turns out it’s an issue other people are experiencing as well. I’m always the last to know :( I do apologize.

Β ##ends##
WELL Ms GoDaddy customer service person……you should really apologize to your company for dissing them to a customer! (But it was confirmation for me why I needed to change from you to Bluehost!)

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  1. I sent these comments to GoDaddy’s CEO, Blake somebody or the other

    “Dear Blake, Perhaps GoDaddy has become too large to service its small customers properly. I had an interaction in a chat with one of your reps today who assured me that an issue would be sorted out and it has not. Now I have to wait 25 minutes to chat with another rep. That is crazy.

    Anyway, the reason I need to chat with a GoDaddy rep is to transfer my domains to another website and set up hosting there, because they are more responsive and treat me as if I am the only customer they have…i.e. with personalized attention and a humanness that I have never encountered with GoDaddy since opening my account in 2008.

    I also could not find anywhere on the GoDaddy site to send a comment, so sorry to have to send you this comment here.

    Grenada, West Indies

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