Gym episode 18/03: Progress

As the end of the 40 day challenge draws near, I can feel the progress I have made. And the reality is I have not had to do anything too drastic. Well except that the Christmas pudding is sitting in the freezer. Funny enough though, I haven’t craved it. THAT is certainly progress.

Exercise for today was the last of Bambi’s class at work. Like I did Monday, I carried my skipping rope and weights to continue working out after. Worked up a really great sweat.

This was lunch on Friday. The chicken was seasoned with only lemon rind, garlic and coconut oil. No salt. Yummmy!


After I left work, this greeted me in the fruit and vegetable shop. I was not moved. There will be lots of time for chips. These are particularly delicious though.


I will not let anything derail my progress so I walked on by 👍👍👏👏. Definite progress!