#Gym Episode 16/02: A walk in the park

Eating food is so easy. But getting rid of the effects of overeating is no walk in the park. A park is where some of my workout took place on Tuesday in my quest to burn fat and arrive at 50 with less of me.

A planned session with the Trainer had to be cancelled due to his last minute committments. I was trying to weasel out of the work out. He was not having it and instructed me to do cardio. I didn’t feel like. My leg was burning. I had work to go home and do. The excuses came fast and furious. Try as I might….no luck. I didn’t want to defy him and in turn disappoint myself. I had to act as my own motivator. I suggested that I could go to the park and he said yes.

Off I skipped, avoiding the vagrant by KFC. Stopped beside the coconut man to stretch on a nearby wall. “Mind yuh push down the wall,” he quipped. Doh worry…ah not dat strong…..yet.

Walked two laps, then jogged one, then back to walking half a lap then did some sprints like I was Usain Bolt. 😁:)😂ā˜ŗ

That was 30 minutes and I had worked up a nice sweat. See?


Surely I could go home now. But I recalled the instruction the day before to do at least 45 minutes so I hopped on the elliptical. I had started the gym session with a headache and it was still with me. So 7 minutes was all I felt I could manage. Did some floor abs and then stretched.

Between the Trainer, a friend and the gym receptionist, I was grateful for the encouragement. It was no walk in the park, but at least I made an effort and that’s all I (and the Trainer) wants.

What he also wants is for me to pay attention to the eating. Then I get presented with this by a colleague!!!


I stared it down. I won. It’s now sitting my freezer waiting on that moment when I feel I can just have a sliver and be satisfied. That day WILL come. 👍👍👏👏