Gym episode 15/02: Just keep pushing

Boy, did I need this today! No entry yesterday meant it was a rest day of sorts. I did a few swim strokes in the ocean but nothing much.

We had determined that Monday was going to be a cardio day and I would be working on my own. I knew I wouldn’t have felt like exercising afer work so decided to go in the morning when the gym was empty. Without any confirmation from the Trainer, I had determined that 30 minutes was enough. I was to later learn otherwise.

It was not working for me. I just did not feel like working out. And it wasn’t like it was early. I got there minutes to 8. I am SO NOT A MORNING PERSON! But, I am on a mission, ent? Hopped on the bike for 20 minutes. Evidence….


I was going to leave after this. But then I said “lemme pretend Damion is here” so went upstairs and did the elliptical for 11 minutes. Exhibit B….


If you look closely on the screen you will see where the level dropped in the middle. That’s cause I thought about hopping off. Then this song started playing.

I immediately snapped out of it and increased the intensity. Yep. Music has that power.

Eating was mostly good. This was my lunch. I will have the same thing 4 days in a row. That’s chicken breast baked in Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning and fresh orange juice.


My unhealthy relationship with food is going to take a loooong time to be repaired. A friend was eating this today and instinctively I took some. By kernel # 5 ah ‘ketch up’ myself and said “no…I’m not supposed to be eating that”. It happened in a split second. Without thought. Mindless eating. Big problem.


A Nutritionist came to speak with us and she said to those people who say “I just love food!”….does the food love you back? Pizza? Nupe. KFC? Nah. She coined this phrase, which I will try and remember in future.


When the Trainer responded long after I had finished, he said 45 mins to an hour!!!! Eeegad! Good thing he hadn’t responded while I was in the gym.

Later in the day, I shared what I had eaten with him, including the confession about the popcorn. His response? “Just keep pushing.”