Shaking off my Friday Night Funk

This was the message which set off alarm bells and caused some to ask “what’s wrong?”

What led me to feel this way and resulted in me turning into the KFC drive-thru?

Work. More specifically, continuously feeling like I am hitting my head against a brick wall for initiatives which will make the employees better.

So I left work Friday pissed, so pissed that the only thing I felt could help me blow off steam was junk. (I paid dearly next day for having eaten the crappy food.). And I felt like I wanted to detach from the world.

After a few messages and calls Friday and Saturday, I did the self talk, dusted myself off and decided not to wallow. The other thing which shifted my perspective was overhearing a conversation between two ladies on Saturday night. 

“[Name of man friend] is always drunk. Drunk every day. He is verbally abusive to me.” πŸ˜”

Well, life is not so bad for me then.

I made an effort to get out and about this weekend. And no. I didn’t go to the beach. It would have made my mind still and inevitably lead me back to thinking about the incident which led to my Friday Night Funk. I needed to keep busy. So here’s what I did…

  • Marked mid term assignments. Only 15.
  • Went to the office on Saturday for about 5 hours from circa 4 p.m. It’s so peaceful and quiet. Got a lot done.
  • Went to the Supermarket after work.
  • Sunday, went up in the back garden. Happily there were some open low lying ackees which the stick could reach. 


  • Put clothes to wash then headed to the gym. But while on the way, decided I wanted a pedicure. The time available meant I could only do 15 minutes exercise. I cycled for 3 minutes, then foam rolled and stretched. Some thing is better than nothing, init?
  • Got a good pedicure and a leg massage as a bonus.


Green Tea with Lemongrass. Soothing.

    • I couldn’t go back home just yet. Had to let the polish dry. So, in my track suit pants and slippers, I went to the cricket ground. Windward Islands Volcanoes was playing T&T Red Force. Imagine I didn’t know cricket was playing here. That is to tell you how snowed under I have been. A fella made a century soon after I got there.

    Cricket, lovely cricket

    Had to find food. What? No macaronie pie? I asked the lady if she didn’t know that Sundays mean pie!! She had soup though. What? No dumplings!!! Are you kidding me???πŸ˜•

    Cow heel soup

    • Sat and ate it in the stands while fending off an old man who kept asking me for my number. Playful banter. His friends told him to stop harrassing me. But being at a cricket match stirs up these warm and fuzzy feelings in me so I wasn’t bothered.
    • Home time, but not before stopping on the road side for a coconut. Grenadians call it ‘waternut’


    Coconut jelly

    • Back home, time to clean, cook, eat and read.

    Ackee, salmon, bammy and plantain

    Prepared my lunch pan for Monday, feeling quite satisfied with how the weekend had been spent. Saw this horoscope for Libra in the papers. It seemed appropriate.


    Feeling grateful for all the love and concern shown. Thanks! πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Gym episode 15/02: Just keep pushing

    Boy, did I need this today! No entry yesterday meant it was a rest day of sorts. I did a few swim strokes in the ocean but nothing much.

    We had determined that Monday was going to be a cardio day and I would be working on my own. I knew I wouldn’t have felt like exercising afer work so decided to go in the morning when the gym was empty. Without any confirmation from the Trainer, I had determined that 30 minutes was enough. I was to later learn otherwise.

    It was not working for me. I just did not feel like working out. And it wasn’t like it was early. I got there minutes to 8. I am SO NOT A MORNING PERSON! But, I am on a mission, ent? Hopped on the bike for 20 minutes. Evidence….


    Continue reading

    Happy Independence Grenada!

    Bleh that the holiday fell on a weekend, but anyway, Happy 41st Independence Grenada!

    Went to the Stadium to see the crafts and food on display in the Made In Grenada expo. Some good quality products….if only they had a larger market, or the capacity to export. Β But what I REALLY went for, was to find some Oil Down.

    First, some photos of the products being sold.


    Not only does it smell delicious…it also has healing properties


    Pieces for the Kitchen, very neatly made

    Pieces for the Kitchen, very neatly made

    Hand painted coral is at the bottom of this jewellery piece.

    Hand painted coral is at the bottom of this jewellery piece.

    Now on to the more important topic. You recall that I have been experimenting with meat since Christmas, after being on a vegetarian diet since 2005. The return to meat was timely. Pig tail is one of the most delicious things in the Oil Down. What exactly is Oil Down? A non-Grenadian did a detailed explanation with picture. Take a look here.

    Went to the food stall immediately on arrival. It done! This was 1:30!!!!! Had a bake with smoked herring instead. Then a friend with whom I had shared my disappointment, came and told me there was a lady selling Oil Down. Happy like Β a pig in swill. So prepared was I that I had carried a food container and a food bag. Oil Down is carb loaded and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to eat off all of the EC$12 version. Dug in, had half, then packaged the rest.

    Then, to top off today, another friend called to ask if I wanted Oil Down. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss! That’s going to be the Sunday Dinner. Had to take a taste though. It’s THAT good.

    Grenada's National Dish - Oil Down

    Grenada’s National Dish – Oil Down

    Since I’m starting to eat meat….

    …better know the different cuts, shouldn’t It?

    Know your cuts of meat! But, where's the chicken????

    Know your cuts of meat! But, where’s the chicken????


    I’ve been off meat, including chicken, since 2005. I ate only fish and other seafood. That decision was fueled by concerns over what the flesh of the pig, goat, cow and chickenΒ might be doing to my health. Later, it was because I felt sorry for the animals. Mind you, when we were kids, we used to go to a pig farm and inevitably, pigs would be killed while we were there. Their throat would be cut, all the blood would come rushing out, then they’d pour hot water on the dying animals so the hair would come off easily. And before 2005, pork was my favourite meat. Go figure.

    Whether it’s coincidental or not, I’ve had muscular issues from around 2005. Could there be a connection, I wondered?Β I’d read a few stories about vegetarians who returned to meat, because of the negative effects on their health. B-12 deficiency was usually one of the issues. It made me contemplate whether these injuries to my muscles were as a result of not enough animal protein. The pro-vegetarians would say “hog wash!” :) Continue reading

    27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier

    Too good. Had to share.

    Experiments in the Kitchen

    This year, as I will have some more time on my hands, I am experimenting with new things. That includes spending more time in the Kitchen. Although I did not do Food & Nutrition in secondary school, I have been cooking since I was about 13 when my mother took me and said “this is how you cut up a chicken”. I don’t eat meat anymore, so I am experimenting with both raw foods and vegetarian and vegan dishes. I was so pleased to find this recipe on Twitter and even more pleased when I recognized I had ALL the ingredients in my fridge. Yes, even Chickpea Flour! Who da h*ll has Chickpea Flour in their fridge???? A non-meat eater like me of course!

    First issue though was….does my oven work? A call to the former tenant (a friend) returned a voicemail. Went upstairs to the Landlord but what he told me did not work. Thank goodness for a toaster oven, which I had resisted buying but a friend insisted and she’s usually right. It saved the day. Once you get a feeling, you just gotta go with the feeling, else the feeling might not ever appear again!Β  Continue reading