A Wild Ride Of A Dream!

I dream. A lot. And in colour. Sometimes it reflects real life situations which are current. Other times they are weird and wild, like this one from 2011. When I wake up, I don’t always remember that I dreamed until later in the day something happens and I say “oh yeah…..listen to what mi dream last night”

An article I read recently talked about being aware while you’re dreaming, or not. Last night I was very conscious that I was dreaming, and wishful that I wasn’t. Here’s what happened.

I was in a hotel. I was not a guest, but am not sure if I was an employee or just a Consultant on a short term gig. The dream started with me and the Hotel Manager walking across the poolside, with the air very expectant of exciting things to come later. The pool was quite large. While walking we saw a plane flying overhead, dangerously low. In my mind I thought “it’s almost like it wants to crash.” Well, a few seconds later, that is indeed what happened. Splash! Down in the pool it came, then turned belly up. There was no fire thank goodness.Β 

At the point that it crashed, the cute-as-a-button Hotel Manager and I were sitting in the open air having some serious conversation about the mutual attraction. As soon as the plane crashed, he changed into Hotel Manager mode and said he had to go and take charge of the situation. Ooooh. I like a powerful man. Typically, the General Manager was nowhere around. Before he left my side, I said “give me a kiss.” As he got up to leave, he leaned in and said “let’s save that for later.” Β LA-DEE-DAH! Lawks it did sweet mi!

Over at the crash site, all the passengers and crew were rescued quickly and they were taken to a nearby hall, maybe a conference room of sorts. It seemed to be a plane from a Dutch country (hmmm….was I again in ‘farrin’?). Very soon, investigators were on the ground. Story came to light. Apparently, the plane was carrying a lot of gold. At first glance, it appeared that it had been deliberately taken down because by the time the poh-poh got to the plane, ALL the gold had disappeared!

Well that was their headache to solve. Once I had found out that there was no loss of life or critical injuries, my mind turned back to Mr Hotel Manager and when he was going to come back to me to continue where we left off. Super charged! He was Caucasian, a wee bit taller than me, strong eyes, dark hair, angular jaw line, slim and trim. Really striking to look at. Just typing this makes me salivate.

Don’t ask me what brought on the subject matter of this dream. They say if you eat late, it makes your mind do weird things. The only thing I ate close to bedtime was popcorn. Maybe that indeed acted as the pre-cursor to a movie dream night. Or maybe it was this thread I started on the cricket message board. Is he one of the two?Β 

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  1. Princess P says: | 2/21/2015 at 9:10 am

    Maybe I need to eat some popcorn before bed too!!! :)

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