50 habits or things I’d like to accomplish by my 50th birthday #50To50

October 22, 2016. That is THE significant date.

It seems like just yesterday that I was planning my 40th birthday celebration. At that time, I got into milestone-mode about a year before the birthday. I had decided on the theme ‘Fit, Fabulous and Forty,’ so the time leading up to October 22, 2006 was spent mostly giving updates about my exercise regimen and the struggles I was having avoiding food that didn’t fit in with the theme. Somehow, I managed to be at the weight that would allow me to boogie down without my bits jiggling at the fete on the hill (thanks Patch!) the night before my birthday.

This time, because things take loooooonger when you are older, I had hoped to start the countdown much earlier. But….because one is older, it takes a while to get moving! No, it’s not that. I have just been busy…..

The rationale behind the list is that time passes and it cannot be recaptured.  I am reminded of this when I look back in my old journals. I also like to do significant things. Things which matter. Goal setting has also been in my repertoire since I was much younger. [Note: Don’t ask if I have stuck to the goals :(].


Between now and October 22, I hope to tick off several things on my ‘50 to 50’ list. I’ve mostly had them in my head, so when a friend recently asked me what are some of the things I had on the list, I was so sure they were stored somewhere on this laptop. Nupe. So I got writing.

I’ll post what I have so far and you are welcomed to help me choose the last few. Then over the next couple of months, I will do a blog post on the context behind each one. Because with me, there is always context. A root cause.

I like to compartmentalize my life so I first started with 5 categories (Health & Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle, Learning & Development and Other) and tried to get 10 things for each. Then I threw that out of the window. Goes along with my theme for 2016 which is “doh beat up.” I first heard a friend with this expression. It comes from a Grenada soca song.

  1. Improve my swimming strokes by hiring a swim coach and swimming at least 2 times per week.
  2. Perfect the 16 and 24 Tai Chi form and start the 48.
  3. Start exercising more regularly: Pilates – twice per week; Yoga – once per week. Renew my gym membership.
  4. Find the right eating plan that allows me to get to and maintain a healthy weight and fit into a size 12 – 14 pants.
  5. If I accomplish #4, start jogging, aiming to run an 8 – 10 minute mile…..eventually. Actually, I want to run 400 metres without stopping.
  6. Finish learning how to ride a motorbike. I’ve already got Smiley’s number. He’s apparently the best teacher ever!
  7. Before #6, I have to perfect the riding of bicycle, specifically, how to balance.
  8. Go hiking in Grenada more often.
  9. Try being a fashionista for a while. Wear styles I wouldn’t normally wear. Pay more attention to how I put myself together. This is going to be interesting and will set tongues wagging!
  10. Wear my contact lenses more often, at least once per week. Imagine I have had lenses expire!
  11. Learn how to put on eye makeup. Can manage foundation and lipstick. Nothing else (properly).
  12. Learn how to give myself a proper pedicure and manicure, focussing on polishing my nails without covering all of the skin around my toes with OPI.
  13. Get a wig made and wear it occasionally.
  14. Wear a white pants.
  15. Wear good clothes in the house, even when I am the only one in it.
  16. Grow back my hair or do something different with my natural hair.
  17. Hire a photographer and do a fashion photoshoot, complete with professional make up and stylist.
  18. Go to a Bruno Mars concert, if he puts out new music in 2016. If he doesn’t, find some other concert with an international artiste performing.
  19. Write more often – serious articles, blog more, journal more.
  20. Sketch out the framework of 2 novels.
  21. Find other sources to publish my articles on.
  22. Read all the books in my house. They are gathering dust and cobwebs.
  23. Live in the country.
  24. Build at least a small shack on land so I can live in the country.
  25. Use recipes to cook or bake food items.
  26. Plan a trip to somewhere I have not been to before. Suggestions welcomed.
  27. Call people more, instead of whatsapping or facebooking, and generally make more of an effort to be sociable.
  28. Learn how to write simple code for websites.
  29. Sign up and actually complete courses on MOOC sites like Coursera and EdX.
  30. Find more prospective clients and simplify the processes I use in doing work for them.
  31. Learn how to edit digital audio recordings.
  32. Learn how to edit digital video recordings.
  33. Get another professional certification, perhaps Project Management.
  34. Follow politics more.
  35. Learn how to DIMyself e.g. lay a tile.
  36. Learn the difference between ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ in politics.
  37. Learn how to convert analog recordings to digital format.
  38. Learn how to, and grow, a fruit or vegetable plant. I have black thumbs.
  39. Take Latin dancing classes.
  40. Re-start playing the piano. And singing along too and hear my brother tell me to stop the noise.
  41. Learn how to play a second instrument, probably the bass guitar.
  42. Wake up early at least 3 mornings per week so I can enjoy coffee and hear the birds on the patio.
  43. Explore more of the nooks and crannies of Grenada.
  44. Hang by a rum shop in the country in Grenada.
  45. Swim in a river.
  46. Clean the house more regularly.
  47. Be more spontaneous.
  48. Let people in.
  49. Left blank – you decide.
  50. Left blank – you decide.

This is gonna be awesome!

Follow me for the ride and read about why I have chosen each of these. Hashtag on Twitter will be #50To50.

Please suggest #s 49 and 50