“You need a crown…..”

….not the Kingly or Queenly type, although it would have been nice if I were a Queen in need of a crown. I’m sure Buckingham Palace Peeps could whip up one in no time. Well this is a different type, and I was crest-fallen when I heard those words this week.

Popcorn has been my go-to snack for the last three weeks (I know, I know……GMO and all). I feel like I am eating air, and therefore fewer calories than a slice of cake. In the beginning of the Popcorn period, I used to misjudge what amount of heat I needed, so of course, the pot ended up with burn marks. Then I got the right balance of heat and pop-ability so was feeling chuffed.

You know sometimes you eat Popcorn and a thin sheet of corn ends up on your teeth or sometimes between your teeth? What do you do? You use your tongue and dislodge it, or if that doesn’t work, you use floss. Ent? Well after swooshing my tongue all around this tooth to get out the piece of corn sheath, then using my finger nail because that didn’t work, I headed to the bathroom for floss. Something said “look in the mirror”. Eeeeegad! Look into my mouth….what do you see….darn. (And no comments on the amount of fillings in my mouth please).

Broken Filling!

Broken Filling!

Now this has been a problem tooth for many years. It has been drilled out twice to try and find the cause of the irritation I used to feel. After the last re-filling, I didn’t have so much trouble with it. I got it checked out last year too. No cavity beneath the filling, no cracks. Just leave it alone.

I emailed said picture to my dentist the same night. Bless her. She was in my mouth at 11 a.m. the following morning. “You need a crown” she said. It could have been worse init. She could have said “yes” to my question, asked hysterically, “please don’t tell me I need a root canal???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And why was I not thrilled to hear this news? Well apart from having a fear of dental procedures, needing a crown is a sure sign (for me) of old age.

PS. Check back in a few weeks to see how I look with a crown.

PSS. One of the disadvantages of not having anyone else in the house with you, is that you have to contort the cell phone…and then the tablet, into several positions and take several shots before you find one which clearly shows the damage.

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