Yamfoot.com has died

Server problems, so both my regular site and CaribbeanCricket.com have died.

Until the server becomes like Jesus and is resurrected, I will post here.

I still in Barbados. Weather has been good. We finally won a match yesterday, a match which was reduced to 20 overs per side because of rain the night before.

So tomorrow’s match against Barbados is a must win one, and then we have to hope Leewards beats the Windwards in order for us to go through to the semi finals. Too many “ifs”. With the line up we have, this should not be happening!

Anyway, Barbados remains as pleasant as ever. Really a treat being this side.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Well, me suppose to go Bim next year. Will land there to connect to SVG on the way to conference in Kami’s country next mont.I posted the temporary link to you on my most recent post. Hopefully the crew will lick you with some comments.Enjoy cricket, lovely cricket…..(Yeah, right!) 😉

  2. I just posted it as well, Mich…

  3. I was trying to get to your site but couldn’t. Mad bull shed some light on your dilema. dat rought still. My pc a act up yah now, keeps shutting down and complaining about some mysterious driver problem. I think I need a new pc now, one with some more power.Anyway good yuh have a backup still.

  4. Good luck with your server issues.

  5. Hope the server resurrects soon. See you’re enjoying the cricket. Keep having fun…..

  6. Hi Yamfoot-Hope you’re enjoying your time with the criket. Safe travels.

  7. was wondering what happened to cc.com

  8. Good to have this temporary portal to keep abreast.

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