Where were you when you heard this #song?

I was driving home a few nights ago, listening to The Soul of Grenada when this song came on. Within a nano second, I flashed back to a house party I had gone to, about 32 years ago (I’m not THAT old though!) as a teenager. The image of the shades-of-brown striped shirt with gold lines (hey….it was the early 80’s!!), the tan coloured pants and the high heeled thong slippers (not so good for dancing) I was wearing was vivid in my mind. I even remember who I was dancing with too! -_-

Then I started wondering……..am I getting old? You know they say that the older you get, the more your short term memory diminishes while you have vivid memories of looooooooooooooooong ago.  Le Sigh  :(

So, where were you when you heard this song? Can you remember?