What Can I Give Up For Lent?

I wouldn’t call myself religious, however, having grown up in Sunday School and Youth Church, I would like to think I still have some modicum of spirituality in me (that is another blog post sometime). I can’t recall if I have ever given up anything for Lent, however, as this year is the second one where I am trying to discover and try new experiences, I was seriously Β thinking about what I could bear to give up.


Yuh mad?????

Added sugar? Possibly

TV? Hmmmmmm

Last night as I was thinking about whether I could live without television, I flashed back to my university year in the United Kingdom. When I entered the tiny matchbox size dorm room, I looked around and realized there was no TV. Well actually, I think I knew that before I went, and so I carried my radio (forgot it in the airport…that’s another blog post :)). I actually did not miss the TV. It was fun to listen to Jazz FM and Club Classics on Heart FM, as well as Classic FM while I was studying. I also had a desktop so it provided other forms of entertainment.

Could there be some compromise? Maybe I could forego watching foreign television channels. This island does not have daily newspapers so watching the 3 night time newscasts is how I stay on top of things. I generally only watch the news and on one of the local stations, I watch a morning show sometimes.

I know that today is the day when I am supposed to start, but as I type, the 3rd newscast is showing on my TV, so I guess my 40 days will be starting some other time. But I haven’t decided if I can do that. What about The Following? That was the only show which when it was showing, I made sure I was not on night duty. Season 3 is shaping up to be very exciting, leaving out much of the gory killings from Seasons 1 and 2.

The question is though, if you give up something which is neither here nor there to you, does it still have meaning?

Check back for an update on what I decided to do away with. In the meantime, let’s see what the Pope suggests.