Weight Off My Shoulders?

Weight has been an issue with me ever since I knew myself as a kid. I enjoyed food, so much so that once my sister started to say she didn’t want the rest of her food, in one fell swoop, I was there. Maybe I shouldn’t have been assigned the seat right next to her. Easy access.

Later on I learnt that we get the number of fat cells we are to have for life, by our teenage years. Yes, I got the lot….lots, lots and lots. Depending on what happens with our metabolism, the fat cells fill up or empty out. I’ve not been on ‘E’ ever. The one period in my life that I felt slim, I was still not in a size 12 or less (my mental image of what is slim).

Being fiercely independent, I have resisted getting any ‘help’ over the past 3 or so decades this has been a weight on my shoulders. I felt that persons who could not do it on their own were weak. Cowards. Unable to sacrifice for a goal. Well, despite all my good intentions (“I swear, this Kiss cake will be the last, then I’m going on a no sugar diet”), I have turned into the weak coward, unable to sacrifice for a goal type of person.

What’s that goal? To be able to wear all the clothes I folded up and put away in the suitcase under the bed – what my sister has dubbed “the future clothes.” They are probably all moldy by now.

In comes a friend who tried a 10 day cleanse, and voila, the possibility of a 5 – 20 lbs weight loss seems bright. I had to time it right. Not too far from when I would be going home for Christmas. Not too close either.

Today was Day 1. Maybe it was the strategy I adopted why I am not feeling weird nor hungry. Once I ordered the package and got the email notification that it had shipped, I started drinking liquid meals, eliminated coffee except for two days when I felt so tired, and cut out fish, except for two days. So I had about 2 weeks of mostly clean eating with more raw foods incorporated. Some Soldanza Lightly Salted Plantain Chips somehow happened to slip through. But at least it only has 2 ingredients, which is under the 5 maximum that I try and stick to.

The product is called Purium and every 2 or so hours you are drinking something and taking stuff with it. Power Shake, Ionic Elements (yuck), Amino Acids. I gather that the science is that all these things contain nutrients and the Amino Acids helps to build protein effortlessly. Your body then burns fat when there is no easy carb energy to burn. Not sure if ketosis will kick in in a few days. You get to eat a few normal food items. I just finished cooking broccoli and vegetable broth cause sometimes you need something a lil warm to get that gas off your chest (or knee, if you believe the old folks who rub their knee, and then belch and say “gas”).

You’re advised not to do strenuous exercise so the Tai Chi that I recently started, along with the Pilates I’ve done for many years, will do just fine.

Made with cabbage, pak choi, carrot, celery and sweet pepper, garlic, sea salt and garlic.

Made with cabbage, pak choi, carrot, celery and sweet pepper, garlic, sea salt and garlic.















I finish on Saturday December 13. Hopefully that is the day when I will come back and say the weight is now off my shoulders….and butt….and thighs….and arms……and di belly!!!!!!!!! Wish me discipline!

The rare rear view. Wasn't brave enough to do a bikini Before shot.

The rare rear view. Wasn’t brave enough to do a bikini Before shot.