That’s it….no more sex for me!

I went to a talk yesterday given by the Executive Director of the National Aids committee for Jamaica. After a little exercise she did, it made me think that sex is really not worth the risks, so that’s it. Lock down, turn off, retire.

She gave 4 people a piece of paper each. One had the letter S, one G, one C and one P. She had told us not to open it until she said.

Then she made us meet and greet each other at the start. Then she explained that that was similar to us having sex with other people. I had the letter S, which meant Syphillis. So everybody whose hand I shook, caught syphillis from me. G was for Gonorhea so everybody whose hand that person shook caught Gonorhea. C was for Condom. That person was safe, so they didnt catch anything and P was for pregnant.

So that illustrated how sexual diseases, including HIV are spread. So when you have sex with one person, you not just having sex with that person, but rather with everybody else that the partner has slept with as well!

I had known this of course, but the way it was illustrated really brought it home to me.

It’s just not worth it. Of course if you are what you think to be a monogamous relationship, it’s not so bad. But how do you know? You don’t, unless you watch your partner 24/7, which is impractical.

So you get my reasoning for the lockdown now?

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  1. well as long as ya being careful i aint see why ya gotta retire nuh retire fa. its simpler ta say no one night stands, get ta know the person , mek sure is someone you trust or something so but doan say ya gine juss retire. wha dat sayin ya aint got nuh sorta faith in mankind at all

  2. “wha dat sayin ya aint got nuh sorta faith in <>man<>kind at all”BINGO!(but don’t get me wrong. I think there are some fine looking men out there, but show me one who is “all that” when it comes to being in a relationship, and….well….I’ll have him! (in a jiffy)

  3. Yammy,Update the link to this blog on your other blog. You have a WWW in the link and this blog does not have a www.

  4. >> So you get my reasoning for the lockdown now? Uhhh…. no. My girl. go ye forth and look a good man. make ye use of boots till you sure. Gwan go do you ting.You weren’t meant to live forever, but to experience what Mama Earth has to offer before the next stage.Cling ye not to Earths treasures. They are but fools gold.Thus spake Mad Bull, and a couple of Appleton.Selah.

  5. ok, thanks Stu. I’ve changed that.Mad Bull, you can say anything you want….you ent a woman!

  6. Whats my sex got to do with it? Yeah, I know that women are more likely to catch it than men, but as I said practice safe sex. I not telling you to run around with Tom, Dick and Harry… all I’m saying is, if a nice dude comes along, and he putting in good argument, and you like him, and you have him investigated to find out his true state of singleness, and if him seem decent and come from good background and seems to know better than to be out screwing Toniesha, Debbie and Heather, well, if things develope that way, give in and let nature take its course… but shoes him up until you get some real commitment. Thus spake the Bull (sans alcohol too 😉 ).

  7. MB, I think what I meant by that “you ent a woman” comment is that women have it so much more difficult to get a guy. I think it’s much much easier for a guy to get a girl. If you follow me….I’m sure there is some statistic that says for every 1 guy there are 7 women, so since I know I not no beauty queen material (some men are just sooooooo shallow!), I will just sit here quietly and watch the world go by in that regard.

  8. Anonymous says: | 4/21/2005 at 2:53 pm

    Where did you get those rather skewed statistics Yamfoot? Have you ever heard the saying that ‘every hoe have dem stick a bush?’ Or is it that you are referring to average number of female (have to qualify in these days) sexual partners per man?Anyway, G….Gonorrhoea….curable, easily!S…Syphilis…curable, easily!HIV, Hepatitis, Human Papilloma Virus (causes genital warts), Herpes…..all not curable. Not that anyone wishes to contract any of these or the ones above.I would not think that you would be the sort of woman who was careless with her sexuality. Simply because you are aware of what is out there, you can do as the Bull suggested. Make well thought out conscious decisions about sex. No need to become a nun, but I suppose no one can fight you down if that is your choice. As they say, abstaining and masturbation really are the only forms of safe sex.< HREF="" REL="nofollow"> Dr. D. <>

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