Gym episode 15/02: Just keep pushing

Boy, did I need this today! No entry yesterday meant it was a rest day of sorts. I did a few swim strokes in the ocean but nothing much.

We had determined that Monday was going to be a cardio day and I would be working on my own. I knew I wouldn’t have felt like exercising afer work so decided to go in the morning when the gym was empty. Without any confirmation from the Trainer, I had determined that 30 minutes was enough. I was to later learn otherwise.

It was not working for me. I just did not feel like working out. And it wasn’t like it was early. I got there minutes to 8. I am SO NOT A MORNING PERSON! But, I am on a mission, ent? Hopped on the bike for 20 minutes. Evidence….


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#Gym episode 12/02: Why stop?

I was late for my session today because of work meetings which ran late. It meant that the trainer had less time to spend with me. The routine today was:-

10 mins elliptical (I increased the resistance every minute)
Ab exercises (3 on the machines and 3 on the floor)
In between the ab exercises, there was sprinting on the bike for about 3 mins)

The trainer had to leave me during the last set on the last machine and gave instructions that I should finish up with 15 mins on the elliptical. I thought “why stop there?” So this is what I decided to do.


After all, this is a challenge, isn’t it! If my leg muscles were not in need of repair, I would have done more.

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How many #before #weightloss photos am I going to take????

It starts on February 10, 2016…..check back for updates.

Weight Off My Shoulders?

Weight has been an issue with me ever since I knew myself as a kid. I enjoyed food, so much so that once my sister started to say she didn’t want the rest of her food, in one fell swoop, I was there. Maybe I shouldn’t have been assigned the seat right next to her. Easy access.

Later on I learnt that we get the number of fat cells we are to have for life, by our teenage years. Yes, I got the lot….lots, lots and lots. Depending on what happens with our metabolism, the fat cells fill up or empty out. I’ve not been on ‘E’ ever. The one period in my life that I felt slim, I was still not in a size 12 or less (my mental image of what is slim).

Being fiercely independent, I have resisted getting any ‘help’ over the past 3 or so decades this has been a weight on my shoulders. I felt that persons who could not do it on their own were weak. Cowards. Unable to sacrifice for a goal. Well, despite all my good intentions (“I swear, this Kiss cake will be the last, then I’m going on a no sugar diet”), I have turned into the weak coward, unable to sacrifice for a goal type of person.

What’s that goal? To be able to wear all the clothes I folded up and put away in the suitcase under the bed – what my sister has dubbed “the future clothes.” They are probably all moldy by now.

In comes a friend who tried a 10 day cleanse, and voila, the possibility of a 5 – 20 lbs weight loss seems bright. I had to time it right. Not too far from when I would be going home for Christmas. Not too close either. Continue reading

Gym Stories: Spotted….my favourite female sprinter!

Athletes train at the same gym I go to. Some I recognize. Some I don’t. Usain Bolt and Johan Blake are two who I have seen often enough. Imagine my delight when I spotted my current favourite female sprinter a few days ago!

It was Pilates class day and as usual, I try to do some cardio before, otherwise my muscles rebel. [Loudly] Got to the gym too late, on account of waking up too late. Did 3 minutes walking on the treadmill instead of 5, then headed for the elliptical. Apart from the elliptical being my favourite cardio machine, the one I use is positioned so that I can see when the Pilates teacher arrives so I can get in there and not miss too much of the beginning of the class.

The Qunicy Jones ‘Back on the Block’ song rotation was on my music player so was already in a great mood, especially when One Woman Man played. Unlike the lady on the stair stepper who was singing out loudly whatever she was listening to on her player, I refrained from doing likewise.

Ever so often I would turn my head to look at the door to see who was coming in through the entrance, which is about 15 m from the machine. Nearing the end of the 12 minute period [instead of 15], I glance to look and who should I see come into the cardio room??????  Continue reading

My sweet teeth were nagging me today

After a day spent working at home, I decided I needed some fresh air. I was feeling for something sweet (sugar……my drug of choice!) and since I don’t want to be tempted, I don’t buy anything like that. Well, most times I don’t. I have Dates, but didn’t feel for that. I had heard about a place in ‘town’ called Chelsea’s Cafe, which serves homemade Gelato.

Ah ha! I hatched a plan. Since I knew I was going to have extra calories, why not earn them?  Continue reading