My 4 day lay off

I looked on with envy last Friday as Bambi took my colleagues through a Zumba class. :|😭😭 But it served me right…..don’t?

On Saturday, I enjoyed being able to sleep in a little bit later, since I didn’t have to rush to the 9 a.m. Pilates class. When I finally got out of the house, I headed straight to a fundraising fair which was featuring food from various countries……with an empty stomach. Why?
The night before, I had abandoned the “no carb at night” plan, when I devoured two servings of very delicious breadfruit.


So I fasted for 16 hours to ensure it got used up (my theory 😂😁).

Headed to the Middle Eastern booth where I chose wisely…..not so at the Jamaican stall. They had plantain tarts. The truth is that I had every intention of freezing them. They lasted through the period I spent at work after the fair. Then I was at home Saturday night and was reading an article on nutrition. It was talking about not beating up oneself if one digressed. So I didn’t admonish the Yamfoot Devil which made me devour them both. Delicious too!

Earlier at the fair while I was sampling the coconut bakes, saltfish and smoked herring, a voice behind me said “but I though you shouldn’t be eating those things????” No amount of “but I haven’t eaten anything for the day” explanation would appease my dentist, with whom I had shared my weight loss success a few days prior.

I pulled things back on Sunday. This was my lunch on the beach.


I was dying for Monday’s physio appointment. Yay! I can exercise again! I was advised of which machines I could use on Tuesday.

Shared the good news with Damion immediately. Let’s hope he goes easy on me.