Miss Jamaica Universe

I think it was Mad Bull or Dr D who commented on the lack of quality of this year’s batch of contestants. I just here watching the show and boy oh boy were they right.

There should be a law against beauty contestants who have cellulite entering.

The one or two that have a passable face, have body issues.

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  1. Well, I saw an obit in the Sunday Gleaner for the dentist chap, I suppose that should be enough for you to go back to you regular home, isn’t it?I didn’t comment on the quality of the girls, in fact, I haven’t seen many of them. I hear that my old time favourite from the Miss Jamaica World is in it, can’t remember her name but she has a chinese last name… I hope she doh win. She doh have no class, rasta, based on the comments she made about Tonoya. We doh want no stregge beast representing Jamdown, Iyah, too much of them representing us against our will already, don’t you think?

  2. what did she say about Tonoya? I can’t recall seeing it.The obit was just to say he was missing. I can’t imagin ethe wait for his family.

  3. She made a number of comments in an interview with the Gleaner about how she thought it was a beauty contest, but if thats what it was she didn’t understand how Tonoya could have won, and how they should abolish the public vote, [I guess because they didn’t know what beauty was] etc, etc…Even though I agree that Tonoya shouldn’t have won, its not something that she, another contestant should say.

  4. Anonymous says: | 4/21/2005 at 2:39 pm

    Miss Yapp, should think about what she says before yapping…she obviously lacks tact! Just goes to show that a pretty face and a body ent all it! I really not into the BC (thats beauty contest) following anymore. No, it wasn’t me who made any comment about the Miss Universe.< HREF="http://www.madbull4.net/testblog" REL="nofollow"> Dr. D. <>

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