Miss Congeniality

You remember that movie with Sandra Bullock? She was voted Miss Congeniality and went on to win.

Same thing in Miss Jamaica Universe. Miss Congeniality won. Rachelle Wright. From I heard the interview segment that was my winner. She was intelligent and very comfortable. This was unlike Shavoy Gordon who tied for third. She was told that she had 60 seconds to market jamaica. She said something like this.

“We gave you Bob Marley, the Bobsled team and recently Veronica Campbell, and I want to be a part of that legacy”.


Another was asked if she was banished from jamaica, which country she would want to go to. She responded by saying..

“If I was abolished from Jamaia…..”

Rachel )not sure of spelling) was asked about how she would improve basic education in Jamaica and she said the first thing would be to start with the parents so that they understand that education is important, that they must get involved in their kids’ education, that they must send kids to school etc. Very good response I thought.

I got the feeling that Mad Bull’s pick (wink) thought she would have been the runaway winner. She tied for third only.

I could be a judge cause I picked number 1 and number 2, Shaunelle Blake who also won Most Aware and Most Photogenic.

The production was terrible. Very cheap. Not grand at all.

I say….give me a contestant’s body, and I would win hands down!!!