I’m A Dreamer

I’m a Dreamer, but not in the sense implied in this song (which is an awesome addition to any gym music playlist by the way).  Most nights when I close my eyes to sleep, I dream. Sometimes it’s a dream with one theme; at other times, it’s several vignettes which may or may not have interlocking themes. And my dreams are always in colour.

This is the most recent edition, and it’s the vignette variety. I jotted them down as I woke up this morning, otherwise as the day wears on, I forget. Completely.

Denya Is A Fraud

I had taken stuff out of my bag and toiletries kit and laid them out on a banquet table in a room somewhere. [I cannot identify the island.] There was a bottle of what I will call Rynase, which was medication for my nose and throat. The spray part of the bottle had broken off.

A tall skinny Indian fella came up to me and asked if I had bought it without a prescription. It seemed like he needed one too. I cannot recall if I had or not, but during the conversation, I looked up at the wall in front of me and lo and behold, there was a small notice advising that a tall skinny Indian fella named Denya is a fraud!

I pointed his attention to it and he said “that’s not true.”

Hmmm…..there’s blood in your car. Why?

I was seeing off a friend and his wife [actual persons who I know] and they were travelling back to an island in the Eastern Caribbean. When I stuck my head in the car to say good bye, I saw some blood on a seat. My thought was that maybe someone had cut their finger and some drops had fallen there. I called his attention to it and I wiped it off. Then as I was wiping, I saw some more, thicker blood in between the seat and the car door. It has fallen on a metal object. While I was alarmed, his reaction didn’t indicate this was a strange occurrence.

He asked me to also wipe up that blood and I declined. He said he was rushing to go and give back the rental car before heading to the airport, and that another female friend of ours was waiting to pick it up [an actual person who I know]. He pleaded. I responded that in my younger years, I would have said yes to something, even if in my heart I really wanted to decline [this is true in real life]. But now that I am older, I have no problems in telling them no.

And then Captain ‘Hi-Tech’ appeared [an actual person who I know]. He was captaining the flight and came around to say he was going to pick up some people by plane on the other side of wherever we were, who had been dropped off by a private jet, then he would be heading to the runway to leave. So that was this other friend’s hint that he had to get a move on cleaning up the rest of the blood. [Hmmmm…..but why WAS there blood in the car?]

Remove The Rug Please

A group of people, including relatives, were checking into a hotel near the ocean. There was an event, but I had no idea what it was. I went to check on my father as he had just checked into his room. The first thing I thought was “how come he got a corner room with a view of the ocean on both sides? not fair”. The room was fairly large. There was nice tile flooring and there was also a large rug. He said the rug would affect his sinuses and asked me to get Housekeeping to remove it for the duration of his stay.

As soon as I got off the phone with Housekeeping, not one, but TWO sets of strange foreigners used keys and entered the room! I asked them how come they had keys. They said they had just checked in and this was the room the Front Office had assigned them both to. They did not know each other. Just as the dream was about to end, I was in the process of taking Daddy’s key and checking if it still worked, or if these strange people’s keys had overridden it.

“THAT Chinese restaurant?”

I was with a group of family members [actual persons who I recognized] and we went walking to find somewhere to eat for dinner. We were not in any particular hurry, or so I thought. Some of us stopped to look at merchandise in the shop windows [I am guessing we were on holiday somewhere]. Apparently it took too long for half of the group, who we did not realize had gone ahead to a Chinese restaurant.

By the time our half of the group reached to them, they had eaten and were exiting the restaurant. I said to them “you left your house to eat at THAT Chinese restaurant????”

The Night Club Conversation

I was talking with a girl [an actual person who I recognize, but in real life, I don’t know her to talk to] and she was giving her review of a night club she had been to the previous night. It was called Kendall and when she said the name, I told her I recognized it and might have been there in the past too.

I Won A Phone!

I happened to pass by a place and saw that it was the taping for the Deiwght Peters Show [this is a real show]. I decided to stop in, along with my Niece who was with me. During the show, I won a nice smartphone. It was not a Blackberry neither an iPhone. My Niece won a regular desk phone with big numbers. She looked longingly at what I won and I told her “don’t even think about asking me for it.” In my mind I thought “God brought be here because he knew I needed a phone.” [In real life, my Blackberry is not working too well].

Where’s my folder?

I had attended a conference and was packing up to leave. They had given out folders with notes and for the life of me I could not find mine. I searched everywhere. No luck. While searching, a friend came over to say I owed her the cookie I had baked and had promised to give her one. -_- She happened to be the same person who was going to be collecting the bloody rental car.


This was a fun dream night. It perhaps represents the variety I so like in my life right now. Do you dream?