I Have A Blog

…well two, actually. The other http://www.yamfoot.blogspot.com/ was started when the original one www.yamfoot.com developed problems. Then I inadvertently lost the yamfoot.com domain (it’s making a round the world trip, having been Scottish and is now Brazillian!) and switched to a dot net.

Then other problems happened with the data stored on the Server and I had to revive it here at WordPress. I am still hopeful that the archives from the original blog will be resurrected…..one fine day. In the meantime, I will now type the text and save it to a Word document first, so in any future archive disasters, I will still have the content…..once I remember to back it up.

Blogging was foisted upon me. Usually that has negative connotations, however, this is a good story.

I had started to contribute content to the cricket website www.caribbeancricket.com and its editor told me I should blog. Only probably from his blog did I know something like that even existed. He asked several times if he could set up one for me. I hesitated because although I might tell people I know lots of things about me or express my thoughts freely, having the Whole Wide World and people who know me, learning what I thought about life, my weight and other intimate matters was scary.

People can be mean and intentionally set out to hurt with words or otherwise create mischief. This is what I was afraid of. Additionally, as someone with a proper job which depended on integrity and upstandedness [my word invention] to be believable and therefore get results, I was afraid that some client might stumble upon my thoughts and feelings in a Google search and go “ugh”.

While I was working with a client in the Eastern Caribbean, the editor sent me the username and password in an email. How could I refuse? I’m accustomed to following instructions so I did my first post.

I recall where I was: at the secretary’s desk one evening when no one was there. It was short and introduced the blog. One fine day I will be able to post links to the archives, which date back to Summer 2003.

Fortunately, one of my Blogger friends from back then had profiles for other bloggers. So if you click here, you will see some snippets from The Old Yamfoot http://www.owensoft.net/v4/user/91/ .(Yes, many of those things I said back in 2004 are still valid). Google searches might yield more results. You can try and see what you get.

So I will try my ‘endeavour best’ to express my thoughts, feelings and views of life on the World Wide Web regularly, especially now that I have more time on my hands.

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  1. Yay!!! Yammie is BACK! 2014 is looking great already!

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