Halfway there….may I wasn’t so toxic

It’s the morning of Day 6. I don’t own a scale so borrowed one the day before Day 1 of this 10-day cleanse I am on. Recorded the starting weight (too high!) and also measured and recorded my bust, waist, hips, 1 thigh and 1 arm. The plan has been very manageable. I thought I would have been comatose, unable to get out of bed and function, but that has not been the case. Only the first day in the evening I felt a headache and that I think was because I stayed up too late.

Back to the scale. Β scale2

Others on the cleanse have reported their weight loss after Day 1, or Day 2 or at other frequent intervals. I did not want to be disappointed so vowed not to step on the scale before this morning. Good thing I was disciplined and did not. I moved the scale into the brightest light in my house, marked out the number I’d have liked to see the marker stop at, then stepped on and hoped for the best.


Only 3 lbs gone!Β angryface

Thinking that the loose feeling in my pants yesterday must mean that I have lost a ton of inches, I next went for the tape measure. Surely the reason the scale has not moved more is because the programme contains amino acids which feeds muscles so maybe it’s because I have built muscles why?

Another disappointment. Only 1.5 inches gone off my waist. I measured my hips but was too busy doing an inner ‘steups’ (only Caribbean people would know what a ‘kiss teet’ is) that I can’t tell you what it was, cause mi nuh ‘memba. I didn’t even bother to measure the bust because it did small to begin with. I’m sure the only reason I wear a B cup is because of the extra weight.

I hope that the second part of this cleanse, which I have followed 99.9% to the T, will bring more of what I perceive to be success. You are guaranteed to lose from 5 – 20 lbs. I am still hoping for 10, which would make me be able to wear some of my ‘future’ clothes. I spent last weekend washing every last item of dresses, pants, blouses and skirts which were in the suitcase and therefore a bit musty.

If you look at my plate, I’m generally a healthy eater. Gave up meat in 2005, some days I eat no fish/seafood, just vegetables, nuts and seeds and the milk in my coffee. Although I have sweet teeth, I don’t indulge every week. Some weeks I go without having a Kiss cake package (cheap and delivers that cheerful feeling). What I was attached to recently was Soldanza Plantain Chips and Cashew nuts. Is it that they are too attached to my hips and don’t want to let go?

They say you must look for the positive in everything, so maybe the fact that I haven’t lost a ton of weight or inches is because I wasn’t so toxic after all. The cleanse advises you to cut out meat/seafood, dairy, sugar, caffeine and processed foods 2 days before. I stopped 2 WEEKS before and maybe that also has contributed to this little weight/inches loss. Still, I soldier on with my cucumber, sea salt and cayenne pepper by my side, thinking about what I’m going to have to eat from Day 11 to get closer to my happy weight, and won’t have to call the scale what ‘Mom’ calls it.