Gym episode 29/02: I AM the Biggest Loser!

Monday was the 20-day weigh in. The half way mark. How had I done? By the way my clothes were fitting, I knew I had lost some weight. Remember the Trainer’s advice when we first started?

He: How much you weigh?
Me: 225
He: Ok. You going to stay away from the scale for awhile.
Me: Ok

I was accustomed to weighing once per week! Hmmmmm…..I hear my Physiotherapist saying “I told you so” as he had often told me not to weigh so often.

It was time. I gladly stepped on the scale. This was the reading.


I quickly did the calculation. 9 pounds !!!!!

I LOST 9 POUNDS IN 20 DAYS!!! Holy moly!

What changes did I make?
1. Hired an awesome, inspiring trainer
2. Followed his instructions! These included no carb in the evening, no late night noshing, use protein powder to help curb cravings, not much rest between sets, use my mind to tell myself that I can lift more weights….do more reps.
3. Hired an awesome, inspiring trainer!

Here is what I did for exercise for January and February.


G = gym (includes Saturday Pilates)
H = exercised at home
S = swimming
W = walking
E = exercised at work (45 mins cardio)

Damion and I were talking about goals for the next 20 days and I said “I am prepared to do as much as my physical body will allow me to do…guaranteed.”

Looking forward to discovering what my machine aka body can do.