Gym Episode 26/02: TGIF

Friday was another day when I would be exercising twice. That did not phase Damion and the intensity was just as it always was.

I ate Steel Cut Oats prior to the work out. I am going to vary what I eat to see what gives me most energy.Ā Ā  Recent studies suggest that protein and good fats fuel you better.

After the usual warm up, we did a full body workout. Instead of doing the sprints on the bike like I am accustomed to, Damion took me out to the car park. I had to sprint up and down while he timed me. I improved!

The lunges and squats are still a problem. My balance is off and so I feel like I am going to topple over.

That’s why me and the treadmill are NOT friends. Didn’t matter because the Trainer was not leaving it out. Upstairs we went, and I tried. I really tried, but 15% incline at between 3 and 3.5 mph is quite challenging.

I ended my workout on the elliptical.


I asked Damion for a mid-term report since this would have been our last session before the 20-day weigh in on Monday February 29. He hesitated, saying that I might slack off. I promised not to. I got a good report and an urging to do my part with the eating. Yay!

Friday afternoon was cardio at work and boy did I sweat!

Got dressed up later that night for a friend’s 40th birthday fete. Although I didn’t look like a million bucks, I felt that way because my clothes felt better on me.


No matter what the scale says, I will say TGIF…D.

“Thank Goodness I Found Damion”