Gym episode 24/02: You’re here for a special purpose

I WAS at the gym for a special purpose but that’s not what this post is about :).

No Trainer today so I was on my own. Tuesday he had put me on the treadmill at 15% incline and 3.0 mph. Killer! He told me to do it again on Wednesday and that he would know if I didn’t do it when he was with me the next time. That sounded like a warning. πŸ˜•

Did 5 minutes on the bike to make sure muscles were warm. Then I headed upstairs. I steeled my mind and said “let’s do it”. On Tuesday he had stood beside me for the duration so I pretended he was there on Wednesday. Can’t say that it worked since I held on to the handle a few times and lowered the speed at intervals. See the results below.


Next it was an hour of yoga….just what I needed after that treadmill workout. It was the first time with that teacher, who was a thin whisp of a girl. Naturally, she effortlessly moved from pose to pose. Meanwhile I could hear myself grunting. Ooof. 😂😁

The best part of the yoga class is the end, when you are encouraged to choose whatever pose your body felt like geting into. Yeah….freestyle yoga. This was mine…👍


The teacher said some inspirational words as we were winding down, including a version of the title of this blog post. She encouraged us to continue the yoga practice by giving love, saying kind words etc. A great way to start my Wednesday.

Looking forward to a day off on Thursday, then back wih Damion Daniel on Friday morning. Excited to see what my body can become, if I just keep pushing in the gym and eating clean.