Gym Episode 22/02: “Every rep counts”

I went through Monday’s lunchtime gym session with Damion Daniel thinking “be careful what you wish for Ms Yamfoot” :?. I’d told him on the weekend that I wanted to do more exercises for the butt. That meant squats and lunges were included.

My knees are getting accustomed to these exercises and I’ve actually not been bothered by them so much, since stepping up my quantity of exercise.

I had to abandon the 10lb dumbells the Trainer had given me to use while doing the lunges. A few times too, I was about to topple over. Ever watchful, he was there to ensure that didn’t happen. Mek mi tell yuh……my thighs certainly felt the burn!

The key to maximizing that move is to keep upright and also get your knee touching the floor when you go down, and drive up using your glutes. I’d watched him last week executing those in perfect form so I knew what it looked like. Heart was willing but thighs and butt were weak. I kept reminding him that I had to go back to work, when I tried to pause during a set. “Every rep counts,” he said, followed by some encouragement. 

To finish up, did 10 minutes of the elliptical. It gets easier each day.


Later that evening, I joined friends for dinner at a hotel. This was my starter…duck with asparagus.


I was going to go for the basic “Catch of the Day” but my host insisted I have this…


Twas delicious! Accompaniments were spinach and asparagus. I stole one french fry from a friend.

Dessert is always my weakness. I really wanted this…..


….but my conscious would have bothered me and I would have disappointed both myself and the Trainer. So instead, I had this….


Good girl. Every calories counts.