Gym episode 19/02

Friday was not a gym day because we had an instructor come into the office and do a high energy class with us. He’s like the energiser bunny! Later that evening, I stopped by the gym and he was teaching a zumba class!

My exercise pants kept falling down as I jumped. Hmmmmm……could it be that I’m a few pounds lighter????

As I continue on this journey, one thing I realise I have to work on is my perception of what I look like. It somehow has been ingrained in my head that I am obese. Well, actually, the BMI chart does say that. However, when I ask people, they don’t see me as fat.

So deep seated is the perception that as I passed a mirror at the gym that evening, three words came to mind in a nano second….


That then descended my emotional state to an abyss and I found myself sitting in the car, tears springing to my eyes.

And then, I saw this picture a few days later and thought….



The mind is a powerful thing!