Gym Episode 17/02: Making me self sufficient

One of the great things about having a Trainer is that he sets out all the weights and benches, as well as does the settings on the machines. Wednesday was an almost full body work out consisting of…

Shoulder press
Bicep curls
Lat pull downs
Bench press
Leg extension and

To start, did 10 minutes cardio. In and between, there was more cardio. 10 minutes again, about a 3 mins sprint on the spinning bike followed by more at the end. The Trainer said to so 5 easy minutes. I did 10. Wohoo.

During my sets, he stayed close as usual to ensure I was safe. Last week though, he would spot me earlier in the reps. Not today. So I am being made to be self sufficient so I can push through on my own. There is an issue I have with a muscle running from my neck to my traps which makes the shoulder presses difficult sometimes. When he saw me struggling, he switched to lower weights so I could finish the set. Had to ice it when I got home. (Yes…that’s Christmas lights you’re looking at….I’m keeping them on all year).


The interaction between some Trainers and trainees can vary between lots of banter to verbal battles as the trainee tries to defy the Trainer’s instructions. The latter is not me of course. :). Usually our interactions consist of instructions, demonstrations and lots of encouragement. 👍

Today he was quieter than usual. Later as I ended on the bicycle I saw possibly why. He seemed to have been trying to get in the zone for his workout. Endless weights on the lunge machines, perfect form and concentrated focus as he executed lunges. I guess he didn’t win bodybuilding shows by using puny weights. 

It was good to see that. Makes me want to work harder. Let’s see what Thursday brings. #motivated #excited to see what my body can transform into.