Gym Episode 13/02: Two #exercise sessions in one day

Pilates class is a fixture on my Saturday schedule. It is gentle on my body so it was no problem to schedule a session with the trainer before the class. The gym was late in opening so I made hay in the meantime. How?

Set the stopwatch, walked down the road to this playing field and jogged around it once. The grass is kind to one’s knees.

Walked back up to the gym and it was still locked. Imagine they kept the PM waiting too! I continued walking and by the time I turned back, the person came.

Went straight into the morning’s exercises:-
Incline press, shoulder press, bicep curl, leg press and lunges. I tolerated the shoulder press much better than Tuesday.
In between, there was elliptical sprinting and on the bicycle with varying intensity.
I gotta give cyclists who ride up steep hills their props!

Pilates saved me from having to do more cardio at the end. Later, he explained that for burning fat, it is important. Okay. I hear you. There is a LOT of fat.

Diet was discussed after Pilates. Main points were no carbs after a certain time in the evening and drink lots of water. I waited too late to eat tonight so the black beans should have been given a miss.


I invested in some protein powder for use in the morning smoothies and also at night if I need somehing satisfying. I want to be a strong girl.


I boiled some eggs to also have as an option. Will have them minus the yolks of course.


I am really going to try really really hard this week with observing the guidelines the trainer has set. Thankfully,  I don’t need to eat like this fella…


This week, I will have 4 sessions with the trainer and work on my own 1 day. That, combined with better eating, should get me some visible results. He has banned me from weighing for awhile, though I will have to do so at the 20 day mark for  Health & Fitness Challenge now underway at work. By that time, I hope to be well on my way to downsizing.