#Gym episode 12/02: Why stop?

I was late for my session today because of work meetings which ran late. It meant that the trainer had less time to spend with me. The routine today was:-

10 mins elliptical (I increased the resistance every minute)
Ab exercises (3 on the machines and 3 on the floor)
In between the ab exercises, there was sprinting on the bike for about 3 mins)

The trainer had to leave me during the last set on the last machine and gave instructions that I should finish up with 15 mins on the elliptical. I thought “why stop there?” So this is what I decided to do.


After all, this is a challenge, isn’t it! If my leg muscles were not in need of repair, I would have done more.

Rewind <<<<<<<>>

During the session, this was some of the convo….

He: What you had for dinner last night?
Me: Lamb shank, chickpea and tomato salad, grouper tempura and carrot soup. And, I didn’t have dessert (feeling pleased as puss).

I volunteered that for the day so far, I had had green tea no sugar, 1 tin sardines, 1 boiled egg…….

He: With the yolk?
Me: Yes.
He: Only the whites.
Me thinking to myself “but the research says the yolk has been given a bad rap!” I did not protest.

…….1 oats and honey granola bar (meetings, meetings and more meetings meant lunch was not until after 2 pm…this was a stop gap).

Lunch was baked chicken, boiled sweet potato and butternut squash. Nodded approval.

Then I confessed that before dinner yesterday, I’d had 2 packs of Soldanza plantain chips and a small pack of cashew.


He: Well the nuts aren’t bad, but now that you told me about the chips, you have to give me a little bit extra.

Grrrrr……maybe I shouldn’t have told the truth 😁😂:mrgreen::D:).

Well, I am happy to report that I walked past them after my gym (and beach) session. Yes the beach is across the road from the gym. Lucky, aren’t I?


This was my dinner tonight. That’s tofu. I had bought it when I considered doing a diet I had got from a colleague. Changed my mind.

And that’s egg….without the yolks. It did hurt mi heart to throw them away. But I must follow the instructions. We are on a mission. I was weighed and measured today. I don’t have a choice. 🙈🙈

PS If you haven’t tried lemon juice on your greens, please do. Delicious.


Next gym session is tomorrow before Pilates. Maybe we will do lower body. Looking forward to it.