Gym episode 11/03: Skipping

I had kept forgetting that I had a skipping rope. So Thursday night I made sure to take it out and message Damion Daniel that I would be bringing it in Friday.

After my warm up, we did exercises inside. Can’t recall what we did (second note to self….do blog posts immediately after). He then took up a bar and told me to come outside. There is gym equipment out in the car park. No AC. Sun did hottttt. We did lat pull downs and the hated squats.

Next there were sprints, then skipping. I used to see my mother skip during training when she used to play netball internationally. Her knees went higher than mine. I also always remember my dearly departed friend Nelisa, who would always mention skipping as a good workout when she was motivating me to exercise even though I couldn’t afford to go to the gym back then. Her mom also played netball. Maybe that’s where she picked it up.

I was so engrossed in the training that it wasn’t until Damion looked at his watch and said he had to go, that I realized the time. I too had a meeting.

The time during the training sessions with Damion goes by without me realizing how long we are working out for. Well, that’s except if he is making me do the hated squats or lunges and I ask him “yuh doh have somewhere to go??”