Gym episode 08/03: The opposite of the drop set is the pyramid! Eegad!

It was with glee that I packed my gym bag Monday after getting the go ahead from my physiotherapist, Garvin Taylor from Grenada Physiotherapy and Pain Relief Centre.

Four p.m. was the gym time as my trainer Damion Daniel had to train at 5. Did my 10 minute warm up on the bicycle.


My thigh was still a bit sore and I also had to pay attention to my back. But I managed to finish.

I can’t recall the first part of the session. Must have been upper body. The sprints outside consisted of one called “suicide” where you ran to a near marker, then back to the start then to a farther marker and back to the start etc. etc. It was for a very short time but I was breathless when I was done!

To finish up was pyramid exercises on the lrg extension and leg curl machines. I didn’t think too much of what a pyramid looks like and how that is related to gym exercises. I soon found out.

Lighter weights followed by heavier weights for each successive sets had my muscles crying out for mercy. Massi kingdom! It was by now after 5 p.m. and I kept saying to Damion “don’t you have to go and train????” He said it could wait. Hrmph.

Had to do cardio at the end. Did more than what was required cause I’m overfat.


Dinner was decent.


So happy to be exercising again👍👍. Guess I should thank the physiotherapist to the stern talking to.