Gym episode 03/03: Grounded!

Isn’t that what happens when you misbehave? You’re grounded? Pleasure activities are taken away from you? Here’s the story of Thursday and how it turned out.

Yet another late night Wednesday, this time because I had work deadlines to meet. In this job, the concept of ‘homework’ is real. So I went to bed upset….and got up in the same mood. In my mind, I steupsed all the way on the drive to the gym. But sometimes along the way, positive thoughts crept in. ‘Miss Foot, what you complaining for? You have a job. You can get around with ease. You have a great Trainer. You know how many people got up this morning, wondering how they’re going to make it?” Ok mind. Be quiet!

Aye. Arrived late, so did 5 mins warm up. Upper body work today with some new exercises. Yay! I like that Damion mixes things up. Mi get bored very easily. 😐

In between the weights, he took me into the exercise room. The task? Run up and down the length of the room 5 times while he timed me. The first time was 45 seconds. The second was 43. After both times I was out of breath! Happily too. Heart working. Fat loss happening. And most importantly, I did not crash into the mirrors!

Completed the weight training then quite unusually, we had a long chat. His discipline is incredibly inspiring. Between now and his first show next month, I will be able to witness first hand, how he trains and how he eats. We spent a lot of time talking about the latter. I was again urged to read labels and had to send this to him for vetting. It passed the test.


Thursday afternoon is where things took a turn for the worse.
Had made an appointment for physio. I go for weekly maintenance and tune ups. That day though, I went specifically to check out a pain in my lower left back. The culprit. The deadlift last week The reason? My insistence on trying, even though the Trainer had said he didn’t want to give it to me because of my injuries. But mi head hard. And I guess I can be ‘own way’ at times. Well ok. Maybe A LOT OF TIMES 😁:mrgreen:😂☺.

Well. Who cyan hear mus’ feel! My mouth dropped open when the physiotherapist said no Bambi’s cardio class Friday. “No gym before you come back to see me on Monday.” You mean no exercise for 3 whole days?????? Pleasure activity was being taken away from me. In the midst of my protests, he spoke to me like the athlete that I am pretending to be. “Would you prefer to have a longer layoff by not allowing it to heal over this shorter period?” Hmrph. Well if you put it that way….:(:(

Despite being upset, I didn’t go and eat foolishness, probably because I had weighed at physio and had lost more weight since Monday’s weigh in. Went and bought pork, chicken breast and salmon.

I later broke the news to Damion and stressed that I am going to have to watch my eating strictly from Friday to Sunday. Check back to see how I did. This was my lunch Friday.


And dinner at a friend’s restaurant in the night.


These too passed the test. Will I?