Gym episode 02/03: We’re going non-stop

The second half of the challenge will be more vigorous….if my body allows. I am going to give it a serious talking to! Doh let mi dung! We haffi go non-stop.

Wednesday morning started later than planned because Tuesday night had pain fuh so! And it wasn’t pain from Monday’s cardio class at work with Bambi. My upper body throbbed. Couldn’t find a comfortable position.

Last week when I had steelcut oats before the session, I felt very lethargic so this morning I decided to have 1 tin of sardines… yes….straight outta di tin with nutten on it :o. Had half a carambola and coffee with it.

The Trainer was waiting for me when I got there. Did my 10 minutes warm up on the elliptical, increasing the level every 30 seconds or 1 minute. It felt easier today.


Then it was straight into a full body circuit consisting of…

Lunges (yuck!)
Leg press
Leg extension
Shoulder press
Lateral raises
Deltoid raises

My quad had a cramp in it. More potassium needed, he said.

Did some fast walking in and between. Elliptical to end. Just did 5 minutes.

I hope I can improve the number of hours sleep I get tonight so I can be energised for our session Thursday. Together, Damion Daniel and I have to work to achieve my dreams of arriving at 50 in a fit and healthy body. So far, so good. That deserves a high five.