From the Yamfoot 2003 archives

I started blogging in 2003. The Caribbean bloggers of old would remember. I blogged often, because, like now, I was only working intermittently. It was a great time in my writing life, especially since I resisted the blog for so long. I went for long periods without blogging, once I started to work steadily in 2006. The blog then had an accident and we’re trying to revive it.

In the meantime, I was reading a techy’s blog last night and the guy was giving tips to use when buying domain names and the first tip was about researching the history of that domain name. I didn’t read the rest of the article, instead, I headed straight to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine site, entered the dot com version of this blog (lost that domain name too and now some Brazilian person has it), selected 2003 and voila!Ā 

The original Yamfoot blog!

The original Yamfoot blog!

There seemed to be a lot of activity in 2005, or maybe it’s just that the archive machinery was very active then. When you click on a year up the top, it will show you the annual calendar, highlighting which days it captured data. When you click on a date, you can look on the Archive section and select a month and it will show you all the posts.

Go on then, take a look around the old Yamfoot dot com

This feeling is like when a mother is forced to give up her kid for adoption, then reunites with him after searching forever!

Happy! Now the next stage is to revive all the archives and import them here.