Following #TheFollowing

This is not normally my kind of show. Gruesome murders. Multiple in fact. Season 1 was a killer…pun intended. But I have stuck with The Following on Fox, starring Kevin Bacon. I can’t tell you what movies Bacon starred in and I can’t recall how I got to start watching it. Oh. I think it was a friend on Facebook who posted about it when Season 1 had just started.

Every Monday night I was glued. The writing is good, the acting is great and the casting crew really did a good job. All the characters are believable. Tonight was the premiere of Season 3. Just enough to whet the appetite.

Usually after The Following on Fox, I would then turn to The Nanny. Needed something light and trivial to get the gruesomeness out of my mind. But no Nanny, so the news will have to do.

Do you watch The Following? If not, you should start following The Following on Fox.