That is the motto of the high school I went to…St Hugh’s High School for Girls.

This evening, the past students association had a concert in recognition of past principal Miss Marjorie Thomas. She was the onlly principal I had and when Galliwasp called to say they were having it, I immediately launced off into my encounter with her. She said that’s exactly what she wanted me to do…..go up and talk about Miss Thomas.

So I went, and my story was about how, at the end of lower sixth, she called me into her office and said very slowly and calmly that having looked on my report, she was recommending that I repeat lower sixth form. How my ears stung me that day! I said that first, to have been called into her office was frightening because I went through all of school without a demerit or detention.

I made the point this evening that Miss Thomas was very calm and ‘matter-of-fact’ about it and it made it more palatable.

Then I said I had the best of both worlds because I met some lovely people in the set coming up who I joined, and I still knew the girls ahead of me. It also taught me not to think that I can sail through life just so all the time. Sometimes it will catch up with you.

Karen Smith, a past student and very popular singer in Jamaica, entertained, so did another past student Joy Brown, and a guy Dwight Richards (not a past student unless he went to Kingston College!

So that was how I spent my evening. It was long, but it was great seeing people who were at school with me, once again.