Gym episode 13/03: I want to make magic

The heat was being turned up. We were coming into the final stretch of the 40 day weight loss challenge. One week from today, to be exact. Normally my Sunday workouts consist of calming yoga and tai chi. But when the Trainer is available for a rare Sunday session, you ditch those, but in favour of what? Continue reading

Gym episode 24/02: You’re here for a special purpose

I WAS at the gym for a special purpose but that’s not what this post is about :).

No Trainer today so I was on my own. Tuesday he had put me on the treadmill at 15% incline and 3.0 mph. Killer! He told me to do it again on Wednesday and that he would know if I didn’t do it when he was with me the next time. That sounded like a warning. 😕

Did 5 minutes on the bike to make sure muscles were warm. Then I headed upstairs. I steeled my mind and said “let’s do it”. On Tuesday he had stood beside me for the duration so I pretended he was there on Wednesday. Can’t say that it worked since I held on to the handle a few times and lowered the speed at intervals. See the results below.


Next it was an hour of yoga….just what I needed after that treadmill workout. It was the first time with that teacher, who was a thin whisp of a girl. Naturally, she effortlessly moved from pose to pose. Meanwhile I could hear myself grunting. Ooof. 😂😁

The best part of the yoga class is the end, when you are encouraged to choose whatever pose your body felt like geting into. Yeah….freestyle yoga. This was mine…👍


The teacher said some inspirational words as we were winding down, including a version of the title of this blog post. She encouraged us to continue the yoga practice by giving love, saying kind words etc. A great way to start my Wednesday.

Looking forward to a day off on Thursday, then back wih Damion Daniel on Friday morning. Excited to see what my body can become, if I just keep pushing in the gym and eating clean.