#IntermittentFasting : Round 2

Needed to deflate the belly this week as I have a weigh in on Friday. Last year I came 3rd. This year I guess I am not in competition mode, so ah didn’t bother.

Tonight is the end of Day 2. Better go to sleep quick cause that Ghrelin is starting to rumble. Can’t cave! Must exercise willpower.

Anyhoo….here is an infographic to explain what and why.

#Beach days = #Happy days

When I am old and grey, I will look back and remenisce very fondly on these once a week beach days. Days of doing nothing but lie in the sun, listening to music. 

Lazy beach days

Some days I go in the sea….some days not. Of late I have been swimming as part of exercise. Marching towards 50 quickly.

For that celebration, I am going to the country to stay sonewhere by the sea. As a kid we went to the country often. Days were filled with the sea, food and card games. So I will try and recreate that. No fancy event. Just chillin’

Sleep trumps conscience

I don’t like to kill lizards, unless it is a croaking lizard or ‘wood slave’ as some folks call it. Tonight a non-croaker found its way into my kitchen when I left the front door open. There it was, perched on the wall high above the boxes on my kitchen cabinets.


Normally lizards who find themselves inside a house are in an easily accessible place. I’d usually use the broom and coax it. That wouldn’t work in this case. My siblings suggested I leave it and go to bed. I decided not to, as my windows have screens so he would not have been able to get out.

One by one, I removed the boxes. On the second to last one, the lizard came down. When the box fell on the floor, he scurried away outside….or so I thought.

After getting ready for bed, I entered the bedroom to find said lizard high on my wall!


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What are your daily #habits ?


@EstelleDarlings is in #Grenada at @Grenadamusicfes


Estelle is in Grenada! Nuff said

Gym episode 12/03: Early bird

Got to the gym early enough Saturday to be able to use the foam roller for a good enough period before going on the elliptical. I only did 6 minutes I think, because I had Pilates at 9 and wanted to get in a good weight session.

That I did, inspite of having a sore throat and sniffles.


The Trainer was not so concerned. I just had to get on with it.

Pilates saved me from cardio at the end. Sunday, I would pay, surely.
I stocked up on Steelcut Oats in preparation. Looking forward to a long session with Damion Daniel on Sunday since I wouldn’t have to rush off anywhere.


Gym episode 28/02: Happy Sunday

Well after two workouts Friday plus party in the night, you really didn’t expect me to be in the gym on Saturday, did you?? No sah! Besides, it was a good way to get back to a Sunday workout. I had told the Trainer I would do cardio, tai chi and yoga, but when I got to the gym the room was in use.

When I got to the gym the Trainer was also there. Pleasant surprise. On Saturday I had written on Facebook that I was hoping he was not going to be at the gym and I could have wormed my way out of the treadmill. Sadly, that was not to be. He was doing his own workout with some heavy heavy heavy weights. He passed me warming up on the elliptical and said “work harder”. I told him he wasn’t allowed to speak with me because we did not have a session. He ignored me when later, after I had finished the elliptical, he asked what I was going to do next. Upper body, sir.

He: You did the treadmill already? Me: No….I’ll do it after. He then firmly said “no, do it now.” Ok champion body builder. I hauled my butt upstairs meekly. Did 15 minutes, some at 15% and some at 10%.


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