Gym episode 16/03: Doubling up

Wednesday I was doing double duty: morning gym session with Damion Daniel and walking around the area near the office in the afternoon.

This was my warm up cardio. Burned off maybe half of my breakfast.


I can’t remember anything too memorable about this workout except that I had to do the dreaded squats. Yuck! It is helping the booty though 👍
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Gym episode 08/03: The opposite of the drop set is the pyramid! Eegad!

It was with glee that I packed my gym bag Monday after getting the go ahead from my physiotherapist, Garvin Taylor from Grenada Physiotherapy and Pain Relief Centre.

Four p.m. was the gym time as my trainer Damion Daniel had to train at 5. Did my 10 minute warm up on the bicycle.


My thigh was still a bit sore and I also had to pay attention to my back. But I managed to finish.

I can’t recall the first part of the session. Must have been upper body. The sprints outside consisted of one called “suicide” where you ran to a near marker, then back to the start then to a farther marker and back to the start etc. etc. It was for a very short time but I was breathless when I was done!

To finish up was pyramid exercises on the lrg extension and leg curl machines. I didn’t think too much of what a pyramid looks like and how that is related to gym exercises. I soon found out.
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My 4 day lay off

I looked on with envy last Friday as Bambi took my colleagues through a Zumba class. :|😭😭 But it served me right…..don’t?

On Saturday, I enjoyed being able to sleep in a little bit later, since I didn’t have to rush to the 9 a.m. Pilates class. When I finally got out of the house, I headed straight to a fundraising fair which was featuring food from various countries……with an empty stomach. Why? Continue reading

Gym episode 03/03: Grounded!

Isn’t that what happens when you misbehave? You’re grounded? Pleasure activities are taken away from you? Here’s the story of Thursday and how it turned out.

Yet another late night Wednesday, this time because I had work deadlines to meet. In this job, the concept of ‘homework’ is real. So I went to bed upset….and got up in the same mood. In my mind, I steupsed all the way on the drive to the gym. But sometimes along the way, positive thoughts crept in. ‘Miss Foot, what you complaining for? You have a job. You can get around with ease. You have a great Trainer. You know how many people got up this morning, wondering how they’re going to make it?” Ok mind. Be quiet!

Aye. Arrived late, so did 5 mins warm up. Upper body work today with some new exercises. Yay! I like that Damion mixes things up. Mi get bored very easily. 😐

In between the weights, he took me into the exercise room. The task? Run up and down the length of the room 5 times while he timed me. The first time was 45 seconds. The second was 43. After both times I was out of breath! Happily too. Heart working. Fat loss happening. And most importantly, I did not crash into the mirrors!

Completed the weight training then quite unusually, we had a long chat. His discipline is incredibly inspiring. Between now and his first show next month, I will be able to witness first hand, how he trains and how he eats. We spent a lot of time talking about the latter. I was again urged to read labels and had to send this to him for vetting. It passed the test.


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Gym episode 29/02: I AM the Biggest Loser!

Monday was the 20-day weigh in. The half way mark. How had I done? By the way my clothes were fitting, I knew I had lost some weight. Remember the Trainer’s advice when we first started?

He: How much you weigh?
Me: 225
He: Ok. You going to stay away from the scale for awhile.
Me: Ok

I was accustomed to weighing once per week! Hmmmmm…..I hear my Physiotherapist saying “I told you so” as he had often told me not to weigh so often.

It was time. I gladly stepped on the scale. This was the reading.


I quickly did the calculation. 9 pounds !!!!!

I LOST 9 POUNDS IN 20 DAYS!!! Holy moly!

What changes did I make?
1. Hired an awesome, inspiring trainer
2. Followed his instructions! These included no carb in the evening, no late night noshing, use protein powder to help curb cravings, not much rest between sets, use my mind to tell myself that I can lift more weights….do more reps.
3. Hired an awesome, inspiring trainer!

Here is what I did for exercise for January and February.


G = gym (includes Saturday Pilates)
H = exercised at home
S = swimming
W = walking
E = exercised at work (45 mins cardio)

Damion and I were talking about goals for the next 20 days and I said “I am prepared to do as much as my physical body will allow me to do…guaranteed.”

Looking forward to discovering what my machine aka body can do.


Gym Episode 17/02: Making me self sufficient

One of the great things about having a Trainer is that he sets out all the weights and benches, as well as does the settings on the machines. Wednesday was an almost full body work out consisting of…

Shoulder press
Bicep curls
Lat pull downs
Bench press
Leg extension and

To start, did 10 minutes cardio. In and between, there was more cardio. 10 minutes again, about a 3 mins sprint on the spinning bike followed by more at the end. The Trainer said to so 5 easy minutes. I did 10. Wohoo.

During my sets, he stayed close as usual to ensure I was safe. Last week though, he would spot me earlier in the reps. Not today. So I am being made to be self sufficient so I can push through on my own. There is an issue I have with a muscle running from my neck to my traps which makes the shoulder presses difficult sometimes. When he saw me struggling, he switched to lower weights so I could finish the set. Had to ice it when I got home. (Yes…that’s Christmas lights you’re looking at….I’m keeping them on all year).


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Ten Commandments Of Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapy patient on and off for the last seven years, I found this article interesting.

For #1, I am gradually shifting to this way of thinking since a different method was tried on an injury and it yielded success.

Number # 4 I am totally in agreement with. Fortunately, I have had a good connection with most of my therapists (England, Grenada, Jamaica).