Shaking off my Friday Night Funk

This was the message which set off alarm bells and caused some to ask “what’s wrong?”

What led me to feel this way and resulted in me turning into the KFC drive-thru?

Work. More specifically, continuously feeling like I am hitting my head against a brick wall for initiatives which will make the employees better.

So I left work Friday pissed, so pissed that the only thing I felt could help me blow off steam was junk. (I paid dearly next day for having eaten the crappy food.). And I felt like I wanted to detach from the world.

After a few messages and calls Friday and Saturday, I did the self talk, dusted myself off and decided not to wallow. The other thing which shifted my perspective was overhearing a conversation between two ladies on Saturday night. 

“[Name of man friend] is always drunk. Drunk every day. He is verbally abusive to me.” πŸ˜”

Well, life is not so bad for me then.

I made an effort to get out and about this weekend. And no. I didn’t go to the beach. It would have made my mind still and inevitably lead me back to thinking about the incident which led to my Friday Night Funk. I needed to keep busy. So here’s what I did…

  • Marked mid term assignments. Only 15.
  • Went to the office on Saturday for about 5 hours from circa 4 p.m. It’s so peaceful and quiet. Got a lot done.
  • Went to the Supermarket after work.
  • Sunday, went up in the back garden. Happily there were some open low lying ackees which the stick could reach. 


  • Put clothes to wash then headed to the gym. But while on the way, decided I wanted a pedicure. The time available meant I could only do 15 minutes exercise. I cycled for 3 minutes, then foam rolled and stretched. Some thing is better than nothing, init?
  • Got a good pedicure and a leg massage as a bonus.


Green Tea with Lemongrass. Soothing.

    • I couldn’t go back home just yet. Had to let the polish dry. So, in my track suit pants and slippers, I went to the cricket ground. Windward Islands Volcanoes was playing T&T Red Force. Imagine I didn’t know cricket was playing here. That is to tell you how snowed under I have been. A fella made a century soon after I got there.

    Cricket, lovely cricket

    Had to find food. What? No macaronie pie? I asked the lady if she didn’t know that Sundays mean pie!! She had soup though. What? No dumplings!!! Are you kidding me???πŸ˜•

    Cow heel soup

    • Sat and ate it in the stands while fending off an old man who kept asking me for my number. Playful banter. His friends told him to stop harrassing me. But being at a cricket match stirs up these warm and fuzzy feelings in me so I wasn’t bothered.
    • Home time, but not before stopping on the road side for a coconut. Grenadians call it ‘waternut’


    Coconut jelly

    • Back home, time to clean, cook, eat and read.

    Ackee, salmon, bammy and plantain

    Prepared my lunch pan for Monday, feeling quite satisfied with how the weekend had been spent. Saw this horoscope for Libra in the papers. It seemed appropriate.


    Feeling grateful for all the love and concern shown. Thanks! πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Gym episode 20/03: Last chance workout…on my own

    Damion Daniel was unavailable to train me on Sunday. Although I was accustomed to working out on my own all these years, I have come to rely on him pushing me to, as he told me, where my body has never gone before. Let’s see what I could put together for this “last chance workout,” still under his watchful eye as he was in the gym.


    Continue reading

    I met author Marlon James….. the man of my dreams

    My dream stock just got richer. I dreamt about Marlon James last night. In case you have been under a rock, Marlon James is a Jamaican author who won the Man Booker prize. (Let Google be your friend.)

    Turns out that he had been living in Grenada for many years, in an apartment building (a proper one….not like what Grenadians call apartment which is a flat in Jamaican language) near to a good friend of mind. So of course, budding writer that I am, I struck up a conversation with him. He was affable….easily met.

    Marlon James (source: Global Voices)

    Marlon James (source: Global Voices)

    His locks were longer than they are in real life. Β I told him I didn’t like them. He eventually gave me a key to his apartment and said he was going away. When I thought he had left, I went in to do stuff for him and saw a ton of locks in the kitchen garbage bin. I smiled. Someone valued my opinion.

    I then went next door to my friend’s apartment and there he was, having just sat down for a cup of coffee. At the empty place setting, there was a cup for me too. Sweet!


    We got to talking eventually about the writing that I do (not much :() and he said he would help me. Yay! There’s theΒ pot of gold that I wished for when I saw the rainbow yesterday.

    I confessed to him that I had looked at snippets of AΒ Brief History of Seven Killings and that I would not be able to manage that, but that I intend to read the others one day. In real life, part of my #50To50 list includes reading more.

    There needs to be some system where during dreams, it video tapes the fascinating events one’s subconscious is churning out. Of course, some of the footage would have to be deleted :). But in general, I have excitement when I close my eyes.

    Part 2 of my dream had me ended up in a toasty warm cottage in Sweden about 1 hour from Stockholm. That’s another story.

    Typical Jamaica

    In October 2005, I wrote this somewhere.

    Jamaica is just so depressing. Everything about it. I am miserable everytime I come back here.Β 

    Early November is when I leave again, and I am hoping that I don’t come back here for a long, long time. I’m going to take my Caricom Certificate of Recognition and roam, roam, roam.Β 

    This island is doomed. I don’t know why anyone would choose to move back here.

    Today I had to go to Duke Street to get a Police Certificate. A couple of incidents todayΒ made me feel not too different from that 2005 opinion. True, there are lots of great things about Jamaica, but there seems to be some things which have seeped into our DNA, that I don’t know how they will be exorcised.

    Just opposite the Police place is a car park. Great. A man directed me to park. I got out and asked what do I pay, where and when. He said I pay after, and it is $100 to park, $50 for the first hour and then a tip for him. What??????????????????????????????????? Watch me and him when I come out. Continue reading

    Photos: Out And About In Rural Grenada

    Saturday was Road Trip Day. I tossed my Samsung phone, iPad and Fuji Fine Pix camera into the bag. In the end, I only used the Samsung. I went from St George to the town of Gouyave in the parish of St John where I bought a delicious fish roti. Saw where Kirani James grew up. Man you gotta lift your hats off to his mother. Next it was on to Diamond in St Mark.

    Grenada is a lovely island and exploring as a single female is very safe. I ended up in dead ends in Mount Granby and elsewhere. Check out all the photos on my Flickr page.Β At some point I will put captions.


    View of the Carenage and beyond from Cemetery Hill.

    View of the Carenage and beyond from Cemetery Hill.

    #Cruising….on a Saturday afternoon

    This Legend of the Seas was in the Grenada Harbour today.


    Massive mother!

    12 reasons to tempt you to drop everything and move to Grenada

    I agree with everything Michelle Peterson had to say in this article. Having lived here mostly for the better part of 17 years though, there are somethings she mentions which I have not yet experienced. Better get a move on it!

    Paradise Beach, Carriacou (one of the 3 islands which make up the state of Grenada)

    Paradise Beach, Carriacou (one of the 3 islands which make up the state of Grenada)