Will this be my first DIY project?

Last January, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve by October 22, 2016. Clearly I was being ambitious, since I had not yet (and still have not) become a housewife married to a man of means. Chick gotta work to pay the bills, init!

Anyway, the landlord was throwing this out and it looks like it might have possibilities. I have seen pallette projects on the internet so I’m gonna search for something doable by myself. 

I should really do a progress report of that list…….

Dry Coconut……another achievement.

To the ordinary person, this might just look like a plate with some dry coconut. However, it symbolizes no ordinary feat…..


Growing up, I had seen my father crack open the coconut and husk out the edible portion, but I had never done it. Some years ago when I was living on my own and wanted dry coconut, I got someone at work to break open the shell for me, since I did not have a cutlass. I then attempted to husk out the coconut and in the process, broke the tip of the knife. See Exhibit A.

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