About Yamfoot

Encouraged to blog since 2003, I resisted it…kicking and screaming. But then that person who gave me enormous opportunities to write for his website, sent me an email one day and said “here’s the log in info.” Β Guess he knew that I needed an outlet.

….an outlet to talk about anything under the sun….well at first, when it was anonymous. Then I had to tame it down a bit once people found out who I was.

And who am I? Β A gaddabout who’s always on some new eating plan, all in my quest to drop some more weight. Confession: It’s more than 20 pounds now.

And why “Yamfoot”? I asked friends for suggestions and one reminded me that I always used to talk about my “yamfoot” when referring to walking. Size 11W….that’s why.

Oh, I like ….. dots dots dots. Anyway, answer the question in the polls.

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