21/03: The weigh in…

First thing Monday morning I was at the gym to weigh in and get measured.

The results?
14 lbs torched
2.5 inches lost off my waist

Am I happy? Somewhat.

Somewhat????? Well yes. Ok. More than somewhat.

First, to lose even a pound is an achievement. Before I met Damion Daniel, I was heading to the Endocrinologist to check me out because I swore my hormones were out of whack.

Did I follow all of Damion’s advice? Somewhat. I could have done more cardio which he had kept encouraging me to do. But in my defence, in the early part of the Challenge, my muscles were in pain.

Anyhoo….next it was the weigh in at work. Same result even though it was an after lunch weigh in.

Now it’s time to do the calculations to see who has won what!