Typical Jamaica

In October 2005, I wrote this somewhere.

Jamaica is just so depressing. Everything about it. I am miserable everytime I come back here. 

Early November is when I leave again, and I am hoping that I don’t come back here for a long, long time. I’m going to take my Caricom Certificate of Recognition and roam, roam, roam. 

This island is doomed. I don’t know why anyone would choose to move back here.

Today I had to go to Duke Street to get a Police Certificate. A couple of incidents today made me feel not too different from that 2005 opinion. True, there are lots of great things about Jamaica, but there seems to be some things which have seeped into our DNA, that I don’t know how they will be exorcised.

Just opposite the Police place is a car park. Great. A man directed me to park. I got out and asked what do I pay, where and when. He said I pay after, and it is $100 to park, $50 for the first hour and then a tip for him. What??????????????????????????????????? Watch me and him when I come out. Continue reading