RIP #JohnnyKemp (Nostalgia Nassau Post)

Just read online that Johnny Kemp died in Jamaica. Immediately, my mind flashed back to my days living in the Bahamas. I was there when the song “Just Got Paid” came out. We used to go to a club calledΒ Club WaterlooΒ and the house band played the song often (and I liked the drummer :)). It was also on heavy rotation on the radio stations.

I’ve posted before how hearing certain songs takes me back…..way back. “Just Got Paid” took me back to 1988, in a great club on East Bay Street with friends who I am still friends with today. All these years I never knew he was Bahamian. So that explains why it was played so often.

RIP Johnny Kemp. It’s Friday night.


Photos: Out And About In Rural Grenada

Saturday was Road Trip Day. I tossed my Samsung phone, iPad and Fuji Fine Pix camera into the bag. In the end, I only used the Samsung. I went from St George to the town of Gouyave in the parish of St John where I bought a delicious fish roti. Saw where Kirani James grew up. Man you gotta lift your hats off to his mother. Next it was on to Diamond in St Mark.

Grenada is a lovely island and exploring as a single female is very safe. I ended up in dead ends in Mount Granby and elsewhere. Check out all the photos on my Flickr page.Β At some point I will put captions.


View of the Carenage and beyond from Cemetery Hill.

View of the Carenage and beyond from Cemetery Hill.