I’ve been off meat, including chicken, since 2005. I ate only fish and other seafood. That decision was fueled by concerns over what the flesh of the pig, goat, cow and chickenΒ might be doing to my health. Later, it was because I felt sorry for the animals. Mind you, when we were kids, we used to go to a pig farm and inevitably, pigs would be killed while we were there. Their throat would be cut, all the blood would come rushing out, then they’d pour hot water on the dying animals so the hair would come off easily. And before 2005, pork was my favourite meat. Go figure.

Whether it’s coincidental or not, I’ve had muscular issues from around 2005. Could there be a connection, I wondered?Β I’d read a few stories about vegetarians who returned to meat, because of the negative effects on their health. B-12 deficiency was usually one of the issues. It made me contemplate whether these injuries to my muscles were as a result of not enough animal protein. The pro-vegetarians would say “hog wash!” :) Continue reading

27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier

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