Ways To Create A Life You Don’t Need To Escape

A friend posted this article with 11 ways to create a life you don’t need to escape. I was thrilled to read that I have done many of the recommendations on the list.

#1 Moved to Grenada. Also studied and trained in England.

#2 I always live below my means, except when it comes to travel.

#3 I have tried meditation. Actually, Oprah & Deepak’s meditation series continues next Monday and I have signed up again.

#4 I don’t try and prove anything to anyone but myself.

#5 I can’t recall my childhood self looking into the future. I was living in the moment. Didn’t really focus on anything much back then, except playing the piano, then later, being in the theatre. The only thing I remember was that during a lunch time conversation in high school, the year 2000 came up and I calculated that I would be 36 then and remember thinking “gee, that’s old!”

#6 Though I don’t feel I have a life which I want to escape, when I infrequently do, it’s SCHEDULES I want to get away from. I HATE having to HAVE to do something at a particular time. Flexible schedules all the way!

#7 I have definitely struggled with recognizing that small changes do make a difference. Sometimes I think “go big or go home.” I used to think that way about exercise actually. Used to think that if I didn’t have 90 minutes, it didn’t make sense to go to the gym. That was until I discovered high intensity interval training where you could get a good workout in 8 minutes.

#8 I don’t do this I don’t think. I follow a hodge podge of people on Twitter, from all spheres with different interests. I am into learning everything about technology right now so those gurus interest me.

#9 Yes, I do stuff. Sometimes maybe it is not what I SHOULD be doing at that time, but hey…..gotta do what makes you happy.

#10 Joining Instagram recently and (again) following random people which include photographers, has made me start yearning for living somewhere else obscure (so not a major international city) in a big country. Those photos of fall especially, by a lake, are just drawing me in.slap back to reality Yamfoot….winter is coming next.

#11 OMG I have a story in my head everyday all day! Actually I started to write my book and then put it down, now I don’t know where the first few pages are.

Anyway, this was a good list. I think I passed.


Pampering the yamfeet

Gotta look after those feet and make the toes look purty!Β Perfect Friday night stress buster, especially the foot massage.

The finished product. Brand OPI rocks!

The finished product. Brand OPI rocks!

Washing them off

Washing them off

Pre-birthday views and celebrations

Normally I would have started the celebrations from 1st October and in fact, when I turned a significant age a few years ago, I celebrated for the whole year. This year, work has kept me busy, so it started late, on Friday, with lunch at the hotel I used to work at. Yesterday was the beach and today I was back for lunch at the hotel again. Here are some scenes. No captions necessary…though I did add some :)

GrenadaΒ is one seriously beautiful island….like Jamaica.


Grand Anse Beach


Panoramic shot


Healthy eating


View from the lunch area

20141019_174921 (1)

Lagoon by dusk


Teeny tiny cake

Make a wish!

Make a wish!


Beautiful sky

20141019_174843 20141019_175959



Birthday cake’s in the bag

Last weekend, I was feeling industrious so picked up a box of cake mix in the supermarket. I don’t normally buy these things. Having worked in hotels all my life, sweet treats were available whenever. And at the last place I worked, I would have been guaranteed to get a cake…..chocolate. Here’s last year’s version.

Chocolate Cake with a nutty coating. Yum!

Chocolate Cake with a nutty coating. Yum!

Ok, so my camera wasn’t very good.

I should have said cakeS, because there was a second one baked by a friend.

Another delicious cake, this time with coffee.

Another delicious cake, this time with coffee.

Since I no longer have the hotel option, I thought I’d bake my own cake. But why so early Yamfoot? Well, this weekend I might not have felt like baking.

Duncan Hines really is moist!

Duncan Hines really is moist!

There was a lil crack in the cake. Guess I didn’t grease the pan enough. I decided to make a layered cake, but did not buy frosting because that would have been just too much sugar. So I whipped up some yogurt with frozen blueberries. Here’s the remnants of that mixture.

My low sugar version of frosting

My low sugar version of frosting

When I was whipping up the frosting, I realized that as it was yogurt based, it couldn’t stay outside. So I cut up the cake in smaller pieces, wrapped each in foil and they are resting comfortably in the freezer. That was also a measure to prevent me from eating all at once!

In a few days, I will be whipping out one of the packages and saying “happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee”. Look on the sidebar to see when’s the birthday. Usually I don’t work on my birthday but no choice this year. I will probably be at a business lunch, so not too bad.