I didn’t want to gamble….

….and I was selfish.

This came up in conversation this past week so it reminded me that I had promised to put my thoughts to paper. What am I talking about? The decision not to have kids. It was very clear to me early on in life that this wasΒ not something I would want, for two reasons. I was selfish and I didn’t want to gamble.

For the selfish part, once you have children, your life is (mostly) no longer your own. Any decision would have to include them and in all likelihood, the decision would not have been 100% what I wanted. (Same reason there is no husband.) I only wanted to have to consider one person during the chase forΒ happiness.Β  Continue reading

From The Archives

I’ve had the blog since 2003. It’s somewhere sleeping, hopefully to be revived. In the mean time, I have had fun going through old posts. How did I get to find out I could do this? Through that very useful website Digital Inspiration!Β Using the Wayback Machine, you can find old posts, if they were captured. So if you have lost a website, go look up old webpages through this Internet Archive website. Here is a page from the blog in 2005. I thought the Brian Lara post was quite funny. Take a read.