Here’s why GoDaddy is behind Bluehost

So, per my previous post, I am transferring a domain name from GoDaddy to Bluehost. I am having difficulty, so I sign up for GoDaddy Chat. The Service Rep seems like she is tearing out her hair to figure out why I cannot get through with what I need to get through with. Β Then she makesΒ the cardinal error by exposing to the customer – me – weaknesses in her company’s systems.

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Choose Bluehost

I was introduced to Bluehost at a bootcamp I went to hosted by Internet Income Jamaica. Before that, I had only heard about Go Daddy. Those Danica Patrick ads came into my email In Box and on my (foreign) TV channels.


So when the tutors said we would be signing up with Bluehost to host the website we were building, I thought “I hope this is not no dibby-dibby small town hosting company”. Well, from that very day, I encountered difficulty. I had already owned several domain names and wanted to use one of them instead of registering yet another. THAT presented a problem.

Enter Bluehost’s terrific support team to ease my frustrations. First, they have online chat, which really is online and instant. I like to ask MANY MANY questions. The fella was quite patient and was very clear in his reply. This was on Superbowl Sunday by the way. There were several email exchanges afterwards. Credit card verification was required and I wondered how the dickance I was going to find a scanner. Fella said “take a picture of it with your phone and email it”. Now why didn’t I think of that!

Since then, I have had one or two reasons to ask them questions and it has always been the same.

Now, I am about to transfer Yamfoot from Go Daddy and I went on to Bluehost and they have a “Walk Me Through” feature where you click on this button and they literally take you step by step. Sure, there are written instructions and video instructions but for my brain, it’s much easier to understand somebody showing me step by step what to do.

So, if you are wanting to create your own website and don’t want to use one of the free services because maybe you want to monetize it, then I wholeheartedly recommend Bluehost especially because of their Support Service. Well done!

***meanwhile, back at the Go Daddy ranch, I’m waiting on Danica’s people to email me a code so I can drive on over to Bluehost. Wouldn’t have this much of a wait were I transferring from Bluehost I am sure.***